WhatsApp Group For Isha Yoga Meditators

Satsanga (to associate with truly spiritual people) is one of the prerequisites to advance in any spiritual path. Please click the link below, provide your WhatsApp number and you will be added to the Isha Yoga Meditators group.


Isha Yoga WhatsApp Community

As famous text Hatha Yoga Pradipika says

Yoga Fails by :

  1. Overeating
  2. Over-exertion
  3. Excessive talk
  4. Promiscuous company
  5. Unsteadiness (unwavering attitude)

Yoga Succeeds by :

  1. Zeal
  2. Bold determination
  3. Courage
  4. True knowledge
  5. Firmness (of trust & love in the words of the Guru)
  6. Renunciation of company of (unsuitable) people

Types of topics which can be discussed in this group :

  • Upcoming Isha Events
  • Volunteering Opportunities and Other Social Work You Are Doing
  • Questions and Doubts Regarding Your Daily Isha Practices
  • Spiritual and Devotional Inspiring Posts
  • Health and Food Related Topics
  • Discussion on Yoga and Meditation
  • Program and Events Experiences
  • Indian Classical & Devotional Music
  • Sadhguru’s Videos, Blogs and Books

Please visit must read post below which has lot of tips to intensify your spiritual yogic/meditation practices.

Tips To Intensify Isha Yogic/Meditation Practices


29 thoughts on “WhatsApp Group For Isha Yoga Meditators”

    1. 9480792128 my name Is Pradeep Hugar
      Please add me to what’s app group let me know every updates of Isha Yoga centre .
      Thank you


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